DAREDEVIL Epic Collection (07) TP The CONCRETE JUNGLE [#133-154+]


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    Matt Murdock may be the Marvel Universe’s most famous lawyer, but when the Jester frames Daredevil for murder, the verdict is guilty…and the sentence is death! Then, news of Karen Page’s disappearance sends Daredevil to Los Angeles in a crossover adventure with Ghost Rider! Meanwhile, Matt’s romance with Heather Glenn continues to grow, but his investigation into her father’s business draws disturbing conclusions. And the Owl attacks – but he’s far from the Man Without Fear’s only problem! The deadly Bullseye is back, and the Purple Man has employed his mind-control powers to torment our hero and his friends! It’s a gritty saga that traps DD in the Ryker’s Island prison – and forces him to fight a gauntlet of his most violent foes! Collecting DAREDEVIL (1964) #133-154 and ANNUAL #4, GHOST RIDER (1973) #20 and MARVEL PREMIERE (1972) #39-40 and #43. Rated T

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