DnDOGGOS GN Vol 01 Get The Party Started


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    Four adorable dogs have picked their characters and favorite dice and are ready to save the day! Magnus is tail-waggingly excited to share his favorite role-playing game with his friends! They’ve picked their characters and favorite dice, and are ready to set off on the adventure Magnus has created for them. Pickles, a rough-and-tumble fighter; Tonka, a playful and fun-loving bard; and Zoey, a wise and caring cleric, are given a quest to fetch a magical dog collar from a nearby swamp. But when they triumphantly return, they soon find that the collar isn’t the only thing that has gone missing from Tail’s Bend. All the squeaky toys in town have disappeared and Squish, the mayor’s young son, has set off on his own to find them. It’s up to the Doggos to rescue Squish, track down the missing toys, and save the day!

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