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    A special collectors’ edition of three Asterix stories – ASTERIX AND THE CAULDRON, ASTERIX IN SPAIN and ASTERIX AND THE ROMAN AGENT – in one volume.
    This special collectors’ edition features books thirteen to fifteen in one fabulous volume.
    In ASTERIX AND THE CAULDRON, Asterix is guarding a cauldron of money when the cash disappears! He and Obelix try gladiatorial contests, theatrical performances, even bank robbery to regain the money.
    Chief Huevos y Bacon’s son is taken hostage in ASTERIX IN SPAIN. Asterix and Obelix go to his rescue, but taking him home means tangling with the tourist industry, flamenco, and a wild aurochs in the bullring!
    In ASTERIX AND THE ROMAN AGENT, Caesar sends Agent Tortuous Convolvulus to make the Gauls suspect each other of teachery! Can Asterix and friends outwit the wily Convolvulus
    There is no better way to enjoy the antics of our indomitable hero and his friends.

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