SPIDER-MAN INDIA TP Seva [2023 #1-5]


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    India’s Spider-Man stars in his first series in almost twenty years! Pavitr Prabhakar is back, fresh from ‘The End of the Spider-Verse,’ in his own universe’s Mumbai. But things aren’t exactly simple. There’s a science professor promising results activating people’s ‘lizard brain,’ along with a ruthless businessman who may be more than he seems! As a new Lizard emerges to threaten all of Mumbai, its new and terrifying abilities could make it the most powerful version yet! Spider-Man is the city’s only hope, but victory will come at a cost – one Pavitr may not be ready for! How can he pick up the pieces when the entire city is turning against him?! The bloodthirsty creature’s next move may mean a death sentence for Pavitr should he ever don his costume on the city streets again! Collecting SPIDER-MAN: INDIA (2023) #1-5. Rated T

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