HULK TP Incredible Origins


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    (W) Fred Van Lente, Jason Aaron (A) Tom Fowler & Various (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco
    New York Times Best Seller Fred Van Lente and acclaimed artist Tom Fowler retell the gamma-spawned beginnings of the Green Goliath for a new generation! When Dr. Bruce Banner finds himself at the heart of a gamma bomb detonation, it unleashes something savage within him! Strap in for the explosive, definitive origin of the Incredible Hulk – and relive the debuts of Rick Jones, Betty Ross and the Hulk’s longtime nemesis, General “Thunderbolt” Ross! And don’t miss the introduction of a new villain who will soon haunt both the Hulk and Bruce Banner in the present day! Plus: The start of a new and decidedly different era in Hulk history, courtesy of Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri!
    Softcover / 136pgs / Full Colour / 11 & up

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