Impact Comics Festival 2016 – Exhibitors



The fine folks from GAMMA.CON will be running the cosplay comp!
GAMMA.CON is a pop culture convention focusing on popular hobbies and industries such as videogames, board and table top gaming, anime/manga, movies, books, comic, film production, writing, game development and drawing/art.
We are currently the largest pop culture event of its kind in the ACT and Southern NSW and have been growing at a steady pace year to year since 2013 and have gain significant name recognition and a solid following in the community and professional space.

Dark Matter Zine

Dark Matter Zine is a geeks’ online magazine featuring podcasts, reviews and articles of all things geeky. A recent import to Canberra, Nalini Haynes founded DMZ in sunny (ha ha) Melbourne. Geek culture in Canberra is welcoming. Nalini plans to dig a little deeper into local geek culture when she interviews people for podcasts and panel discussions during this festival.

501st Legion Southern Cross Garrison

Canberra Princesses and Friends

Canberra Princesses and Friends are a group of locals who enjoy dressing up for cinema screenings, fundraising, community events and promotions. We love to add a little magic to peoples lives and see them smile.
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The Second Australian Comic Arts Festival (ACAF) will be held at the Hotel Realm in Canberra on 17-19 February 2016.  It will be a three day celebration of comics, graphic novels, artists, authors, publishers, colourists, inkers, letterers and all things comics.


Stir is a platform that provides anyone the skills and tools to write a proposal for their personal projects.

The platform also invites everybody to give their feedback and show their support.


I am a working artist currently in my final year at the ANU school of art, majoring in print-making and drawing. My work is  heavily influenced by comic book artwork.I have recently been working towards a series of screen print posters made by collaging discarded comic books salvaged from dumpster bins, web stores and op shops. I also experiment with making zines and printing my own cartoon characters using different screen print techniques.